Religious studies

Name of site visited Sect/branch and/or subsect Contact person (if any)
Site location (complete address) Phone number Hours of worship: Days and Times
1. Fundamental beliefs (important if you are visiting a sectarian group, and note differences in belief and practice from its parent group), and sources of authority or basis for the religion or sect (such as inspired scriptures, teachers, direct revelations, and the like). Specify both the religion and the sect or branch you have visited (e.g., Hindu temple [Shiva, Vishnu, Hare Krishna]; Synagogue [Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative]; Buddhist sect [Pure Land, Nichiren, Tibetan, Mahayana, Theravada] Islamic sect [Nation of Islam, Sunni, Shia], etc.).
2. Why is the religion here in South Florida, whose needs is the religion/sect meeting. Narrate the reasons for the appearance of sect in South Florida.
*3. Describe art, symbols, images, cultic objects (including sacred scriptures, if of artistic or aesthetic merit) of the religion.
4. Distinctive dress, articles of clothing, of members and/or clergy of the religion you witnessed during visit. Inquire as to whether normally there is a distinctive dress, etc. in other locations. Include how much adaptation or concessions to “American” ways of worshipping you witnessed during your visit (for this you may also have to tap a knowledgeable person for information).
*5. Forms of ritual, worship/liturgy, special ceremonies, particular/distinctive practices that you saw practice during your visit.
6. Major religious festivals or sacred days (and their dates and days during the year) celebrated in South Florida (and those elsewhere, such as in the country of origin of religion or where religion is strongest).
*7. Describe how what you saw and heard impacted you; did visit enhance your appreciation for that particular religious faith and/or for religion in general; did you feel you were “worshipping”?; did anything strike you in a negative way?; what was the most positive result of your visit?
* Starred/boldfaced items should constitute the bulk of your report, what you should give priority to when you write your report. Also, it is important that you make an effort to enter sympathetically into the religion you will be visiting. You do not have to agree with what you see and hear, but you should make an effort to understand it. After your visit and as you write your report, you will have the opportunity to express your opinion about what you witnessed.
Papers must be New Times Roman, 12-point font, with 1-inch margins, black letters (not gray), double- spaced. 1000-1200 words. Use proper paragraph indents and no extra spaces between paragraphs. Use correct punctuation, spelling and capitalization. Use spell check. If you quote a person, use the organization’s website, or other sources, you must cite them in the text and in the Works Cited.
A REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS THAT THE SITE VISIT AND REPORT MUST BE DONE FOR A RELIGIOUS TRADITION THAT IS NOT THE STUDENT’S OWN. If phone number is no longer valid, call information and please let the instructor know that the number(s) has been changed so that the directory can be updated. If you learn about other sites not included below, please let the instructor know also. I strongly recommend that you visit the site first to familiarize yourself with location and the times officially given by the personnel at the site. Any information concerning service times given below are tentative.
ISLAMIC: the times to go are Fridays and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. Female students can bring a scarf with them if they don’t want to stand out, but it is not required.
Miami Gardens Mosque (Sunni) 4305 N.W. 183 street
Miami, Florida 33055
Mosque of Miami (Sunni) 7350 N.W. 3rd Street Miami, Florida 33126 305-261-7622
Masjid Al-Ansar (Sunni) 5245 N.W. 7th Avenue Miami, Florida 33127 305-757-8741
Islamic School of Miami Masjid al-Noor (Sunni) 11699 SW 147 Ave Miami, FL 33196
(305) 408-0400
Tasnim Uddin, Principal of School
Friday: 1:30 pm, Islam School on Sundays: 10am-12pm (behind the Exxon gas station)
Islamic Jafferia Association Imambara (Shia) 10554 N.W. 132nd Street
Hialeah Gardens, Florida 33016
(305) 557-6835
Muhammad’s Mosque # 29 (Nation of Islam) 5660 N.W. 7th Ave.
Miami, Florida
FIU Bahai Club 305-436-2490
Bahai Faith (South) 9300 S. Dixie Hwy. Miami, Florida 305-570-8886
Bahai Faith (North) 4365 Rock Island Rd. Ft. Lauderdale
(North of Commercial) 954-524-4084
(Nichiren Buddhist)
Sokka Gakkai International Miami Community Center 20000 S.W. 36th St.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33332 954-349-5200
Avalokitesvara Buddhist Study Center (Buddhist) 7550 S.W. 82nd Court
Miami, Florida 33143
International Zen Institute of Florida (Buddhist) Dharma House
3860 Crawford Avenue
Miami, Florida 33133
Wat Buddharangsi Temple (Thai, Buddhist) 15200 S.W., 240th Street
Homestead, Florida
Amida Temple (“Pure Land” Buddhist) c/o Kuang-Hsi Wu
12815 S.W. 119 Terrace
Miami, Florida 33186
International Dharma Center (Buddhist) P.O. Box 141728
Coral Gables, Florida
305-267-8000 (Ileana Davis)
Kagyu Shedrup Chöling (Tibetan Buddhist) 1905 Monroe Street
Hollywood, Florida 33020 954-920-1346
HINDU: Plan to attend Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.
Shiva Vishnu Temple
5661 Dykes Rd. (S.W. 160th Ave)
Pembroke Pines (Davie)
(I-75 north, exit at Sheridan, go west to Dykes Road, then go north for about a mile, temple on the left)
The South Florida Hindu Temple 13010 Griffin Road
Davie, Florida
Hare Krishna Temple 3220 Virginia St. Coconut Grove, Florida 305-442-7218
SIKH: Plan to attend Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.
Sikh Society of Florida 16000 Sterling Rd. Pembroke Pines, Florida 954-680-0221
(Same directions as to Shiva Hindu Temple, but closer to Sheridan on Dykes Road)
Jain Center of South Florida
1960 N. Commerce Parkway #11 Weston, FL 33326
Here is Direction Link for Jain center.
Synagogues: Friday evenings, near Sundown; and Saturday mornings, 8:00 a.m. only.
Christian churches: 11:00 a.m. morning service. Consult Yellow Pages for synagogue or church nearest where you live.
UNITY Latinoamericano 9400 Galloway Road Miami, FL 33176
Crossbridge Church
6605 Soutwest 88 Street
Miami, FL 33156 (305)661-9900
St. Catherine of Sienna
9200 SW 107 th Ave.
Miami, FL 33176, (305)274-6333
Students are encouraged to do detective work and find representatives of the other major world religions in Miami or the South Florida area: Taoism, Confucianism (Chinese), Shinto (Japanese), and Zoroastrianism (Persian/Iranian, and in Bombay, India)

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