Think about your writer and visual artist. What do you find most interesting about each?

Consider their lives, work, themes, etc. After brainstorming these, create a thesis
that strongly links the two lives and their work together and build/develop/focus your
paper around that. You may have to continue to research, but use the work that you have
already completed on your literary artist and visual artist to formulate a specific thesis
and develop a focused paper around both. Important Hint: Find a major link that
connects the two, and build/develop the paper around that.
This is not a thesis. This is a topic, and it is your job to create a specific thesis and
developed paper around that thesis. Do not try to write about everything. Choose
how you wish to write about this. How can you specifically link the two still using
life and work and provide appropriate support for the link?
Final Note: I do not want a general biography of your literary artist and visual artist or
paper that discusses a topic in general terms.

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