In the book of Galatians, what beliefs and practices is Paul writing against? What beliefs and practices is Paul writing to support? (Practices are not vices and virtues. Vices and virtues are qualities such as joy, peace, love, hatred, etc. Practices are shared activities which characterize a group. Accountants count money.)

The questions are provided below. In the Bible, these are the readings. The other 2 sources will be attached. Please use quotes from the readings in each question and use page numbers.2) The Gospel of Matthew
3) The Book of Acts, chapters 1-3
4) Galatians
5) Jonah, chapters 1 and 2 (in Old Testament)These are the other sources.6) Ron Feenstra, What Did Christs Death Accomplish?
7) Don Sinnema, What Do We Mean by Reformed Perspective?Answer question one and then answer either question two or three.2) Read Jonah 1-2 and Matthew 12.38-45. According to Jesus, what is the sign of Jonah?

3) In the essay mentioned in the readings above, Don Sinnema explains how the phrase Reformed perspective is used at Trinity. Summarize Sinnemas central points in that essay. Then write about what you find appealing or not appealing about this vision, given what Sinnema says and whatever else you have seen in this course.

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