The report reflecting on Australian climate policy ignoring billions in potential health savings, experts say

2.Submission requirements: i.The work submitted for assessment must be typed onesided on white A4 paper, and must be accompanied by a completed copy of the Cover Sheet (available on Moodle), and a copy of the article selected for the assignment. ii.No assignment will be accepted or marked if it is not accompanied by a signed Cover Sheet with your name, I.D. number, the tutorial day/time, and the name of the tutor on the Cover Sheet. An electronic copy will not be accepted. You should retain a soft copy of the work submitted. iii.Please drop in the Economics drop box located in the foyer of 49 Rain Forest Walk (opposite computer labs), before the due time. Dropping in to the wrong box will attract same penalties as not submitting on time, unless the Unit Leader was informed before the due time. iv.Faculty Style Guide Work submitted for this assignment must follow the Faculty Style as outlined in the Faculty Q Manual. Copies of this manual can be obtained at the bookshop or online. v.Applications for special consideration All special consideration applications for extension of the due date must be made in writing to the Team Leader (See special consideration for within trimester assessment on Moodle). Approval, if granted, will be communicated in writing. vi.Feedback on Assignment: Assignments will be returned in Week 12 tutorials Page 1 of 8 3. Instructions to students A.In Appendix 2 to this assignment you will find an extract from the article, Australian climate policy ignoring billions in potential health savings, experts say (the Article) Your task is to provide an economic analysis of the issue(s) discussed in the Article . B.Requirements In completing your assignment you are required to do the following: i.The Article is divided into three main sections: Health co-benefits Offsetting the cost of climate policies Positive story being ignored Summarise in your own words the main points of each section. (maximum 100 words for all three sections) (3 marks) ii.List two learning objectives from the attached list (Appendix 1) that can be linked to the Article, and present the links from the Article. (3 marks) iii.Explain in your own words the learning objectives you have identified. Use a diagram or diagrams to illustrate your explanation. (6 marks) iv.Draw connections between the contents of the Article and the each of the learning objectives you have explained in the previous question. Discuss these in detail. (5 Marks) v.Reflect on your analysis for the previous question and comment on the current significance and future implications of the issues you discussed. (3 marks) C.Other requirements i.The diagrams/graphs should be drawn and labelled by hand. They could be either drawn by hand on the printed document itself or draw on a separate paper and upload as a picture to the Word document before printing. Graphs/diagrams picked from other sources attract penalties even if they are referenced. ii.Keep to the limit of 1000 words including the summary (Penalties applicable to writing outside +/- 10%) iii.Please pay careful attention to the marking criteria below.

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