Can Culture be Managed? Working with “Raw” Material: The Case of the English Slaughtermen

Please write a critical summary which includes a summary of the article along with critical comment! Here is the guide, no.6 is the most important one! 1. What is (are) the main question(s) of the article? What are the authors trying to investigate? Is it clear and concise? 2. How were the above questions investigated? How were they answered? What methods/approaches did they use to answer these questions? 3. What were the results? Did they make any specific observations? What new knowledge is developed? Any new theories/ideas? How does it compare to previous work done in this area? 4. Why is this topic important? Why should people study it? Do you think this topic can have practical implications? If so, how? 5. What is your overall opinion? Think of a brief statement that that sum up the main strengths and weaknesses of the article. 6. Use an example from your own organizational experience to highlight the main themes, ideas and concepts presented in the article.

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