The Other awakening: the emergence of women’s movements in the modern Middle East

The Other awakening: the emergence of women’s movements in the modern Middle East, 1900-1940. I want you in ONE page to write the following: 1- what is the authors central questions – thesis- argument? 2- is his or her argument limited? why and how 3- does it make sense to you or not? 4- how would you analyze their statements? what can you critique about their work? 5- DONT summarize 6- ask questions if it helped you to make point. this is what i wrote and how i want it to structure like : What is a Movement? What cause a movement to emerge specifically in the Middle east? The movement as a simple word( described by the author ? or should I put my definition). The author invokes a specific type of movement which is the women movement in the Middle East and how such a movement established by the help of 3 stages. The authors discussion was mainly about the formation, the goals, and the control of what is a Middle Eastern feminist movement. Here, those stages do not necessarily follow a linear chronology and they were overlapping, forgoing and producing one another. Starting with what is called by the Awakening which is basically the awareness and raise of questions related to women status by both gender. Second, is the nationalism and how women can be part of this national scale and improving it? Finally the state of feminism. Moreover, Ellen explains this that the emergence of womens movements in this area was not isolated occurrence but a part of a larger phenomenon in almost all parts of the addition to that, these movements specially the one that arose by womens in the region shared some characteristics and this due to links between them in for instance religion, culture and political issues. The authors illustration of the argument was clear and build in an organized way. Mentioning that how it all starts, for instance the author focused on the press that played a major role in facilitating communication and the spread of information and presented that by articles and papers during that period of time.

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