The impact of using football sponsorship as a marketing communication tool. Discuss the effectiveness of football sponsorship by comparing high and low involvement product.

If you use SPSS will be the best. I used the British Online Survey (BOS) website to do the online questionnaire. My questionnaire was 0 responses right now. Please help me to make it to 100. You can create the data by yourself but the responses number should be 100. The most important part to analysis the result is the H4 and H5 so please analysis and discuss more in this part. I will send you the username and password once you take my order. I also will provide part of my literature which is not finished yet. But the hypothesis is already formed. The main resource related to my literature review, that i will also attached later on. Just a explain of my H4 is attitude toward high involvement product will not affect the purchase intention. Which means if my favorite football team is sponsorship by an Airline company, as a customer I will still searching for the cheap air ticket rather than just purchase the sponsorship company. On the other hand, customer will tend to purchase the product if the sponsorship of my favorite football team is the low involvement product such as Red Bull which is the H5.

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