Describe Economic concepts that affect property development in developed cities.

Provide a literature review that has six themes and one central argument on an important contemporary property economics issue in a particular sector. In your answer reference relevant property economic theory (including theory related to location(s), space(s), market(s) and asset(s) Reading List Highly Recommended – Textbooks Jowsey, E. (2011). Real Estate Economics. Palgrave Macmillan [E-Book Available] Squires, G. (2013). Urban and Environmental Economics. Routledge. [E-Book Available] Squires, G. and Heurkens, E. (2015) International Approaches to Real Estate Development. Routledge. [E-Book Available] Squires, G., Heurkens, E., and Peiser, R. (Editors) (2018) Companion to Real Estate Development. Routledge. [E-Book Available] Further Reading – Textbooks Evans, A. (2004). Economics and Land Use Planning. Oxford: Blackwell. [E-Book Available] Hartwick, J. (2015). Urban Economics. Florence: Taylor and Francis. Jowsey, E. (Ed). (2014). Real Estate Concepts: A Handbook. Routledge [E-Book Available] Lizieri, C. (2009). Towers of Capital: Office Markets & International Financial Services. Wiley [E-Book Available] McCann, P. (2013). Modern Urban and Regional Economics. Oxford Press. 2nd Edition. McDonald, J. and McMillen, D. (2010). Urban Economics and Real Estate: Theory and Policy. Wiley O’Sullivan, A. (2012). Urban economics. New York : McGraw-Hill. 8th Edition. Pirounakis, M. (2013) Real Estate Economics. London: Routledge. [E-Book Available] 2 Reed, R. and Sims, S. (2014).

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