The Impact of Technology on Attraction

On page 56 it takes about 3.1 figure I scored a 21 for number 1-5 for task attraction, 22 for social attraction, 11-15 20 physical attraction

The article needs to be in the paper I have also loaded that on one of the attachments. I have two articles listed below only one can be used both would be great. The book will have to be referenced.
Title: Close Encounters
AUTHOR: Peter A. Andersen, Walid A Afifi, Laura K. Guerrero
Edition: Fourth Edition
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Addressing Relationships among Moral Judgment Development, Narcissism, and Electronic Media and Communication Devices
Author: Saculla, Meghan M.
Subjects: college students and social networking; online social networks; cellular phone systems social aspects; Cognition and Perception; Cognitive Psychology; Communication Technology and New Media; Psychology; Social Psychology
Is Part Of: Masters Theses & Specialist Projects
Description: Recently, Thoma and Bebeau (2008) reported moral judgment developmental trends among various samples of undergraduates and graduates where increases in Personal Interests reasoning and decreases in Postconventional reasoning were observed. In an attempt to explain such trends, they cited recent trends in increased narcissism among college students (Twenge, Konrath, Foster, Campbell, & Bushman, 2008) and also noted that certain types of technological devices (i.e. social networking websites, cell phones, etc.) may have adverse effects social decision-making and self-presentation. The current study, therefore, addresses the relationships among moral judgment development, narcissism, and electronic media and communication devices (EMCD’s). Analyses support that the extent of EM CD usage, as well as the reasons for usage, contribute to decreased Postconventional reasoning, but have a negligible effect on Personal Interests reasoning.
Publisher: TopSCHOLAR®
Creation Date: 2010-08-01T07:00:00Z
Format: application/pdf
The Representation of Women in Publication: An Analysis of “Political Communication” and the “International Journal of Press/Politics”
Author: Evans, Heather K. ; Bucy, Erik P.
Subjects: Qualitative Research; Political Science; Females; Research Methodology; Periodicals; Content Analysis; Gender Bias; Males; Scholarship; Gender Differences; Primary Sources; Financial Support; Journal Articles
Is Part Of: PS: Political Science and Politics, 2010, Vol.43(2), p.295-301 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
Description: Scholarly publication in peer-reviewed journals is widely regarded as the road to scholarly success. However, in a diversity of fields such as sociology, economics, and political science, it has been shown that the rate of publication is much lower for women than for men. The question of whether a systematic relationship exists between gender and research methods has also frequently been debated. In this paper, we explore patterns of authorship and scholarship in two influential interdisciplinary journals, “Political Communication” and the “International Journal of Press/Politics,” over the last decade. A systematic content analysis was conducted to determine the gender ratio of authors, the methods and theories employed, and the ratio of quantitative to qualitative research studies. In addition, we tracked the use of primary or secondary data sources and the prevalence of research funding by gender. Overall, we find that while women are publishing less than men, their rate of publication is somewhat higher than their representation in the field.
Language: English
Identifier: ISSN: 1049-0965 ; DOI: 10.1017/S1049096510000168
Source: ERIC (U.S. Dept. of Education)

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