Issues in International Business

n this assignment, you will be assessed on your research skills, your understanding of the relevant international business issues and your ability to apply them to the analysis of the challenges as well as opportunities facing an actual organization in international business context. This assignment is designed to help you achieve all the course learning outcomes.

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Assignment questions

Choose one of the following international business issues
(choose an international business company)

• Governance
• R&D
• Ethics & CSR (If choose ethics, define corporate ethic)

that faces a real-life firm and answer the questions below through critical analysis

1) What is the issue and how did the issue impact the firm’s international business?
2) What did the firm do to address the issue? Are they effective and why?
3) If you are given the responsibility of managing the firm, what additional actions that you will be undertaking to further address the issue? Why?
4) What are the comments towards your analysis and recommendation from an industry person (a person works in international business field)? How did you reflect them in your assignment? (can be yourself)

The final write-up should be presented with the following sections:
• Title page (title of your report, your name, student number and word count)
• Introduction
• Your response to Question 1 (make your own heading for this section)
• Your response to Question 2 (make your own heading for this section)
• Your response to Question 3 (make your own heading for this section)
• Your response to Question 4 (make your own heading for this section)
• Conclusion
• Reference List

1. Given the analytical nature of this assignment,being descriptive is not appropriate for this assignment. Make it critical!
2. Keep the Introduction and Conclusion short (maximum 150 words each).
3. The length of your responses to each of the four questions should be approximately equally arranged (20% variation allowed).
4. Total length of the assignment is limited to 2500 words excluding references (10% more or less is allowed).

Presentation requirements
• High standard of presentation
• The clarity of expressions
• The use of other’s information (such as comments, data etc.) from any sources (books, journals, newspapers, web etc.) must be acknowledged using Harvard referencing style.
• At least 8(eight) academic references must be used along with other non-academic references such as articles from periodicals, newspapers and web pages. (Max 12)
• Use appropriate pagination,12 point font in Times New Roman should be used throughout. 1.5-spacing with appropriate margins on all sides (at least 2 cm) need to be maintained.

Assessment Criteria
• Level of mastery of the subject matters
• Quality of analysis and justification
• Reflection of comments from industry people
• Academic writing clarity, logic and skills
• Quality, relevance and sufficiency of references
• Format
• Presentation

You will receive feedback to your work through:
1. written feedback by a marking form or in-text comments
2. oral feedback/assistance in tutorials

Submission of written assignment
The written assignment must be submitted electronically to the Blackboard of this course. A signed Assignment Cover Sheet must be submitted together with your works. Any late assignment, unless granted an extension by the course coordinator, will be penalised at 10% of the assessment weighting for each day after the due date. No assignment will be accepted more than seven calendar days late without Special Consideration (see Extension of time for assignment submission below).

Important Information about electronic submission
1)Multiple submissions (up to 2 times) to the Blackboard are allowed. However, only the latest submission will be assessed. You are encouraged to check your work thoroughly and make only one submission.
2) Your work submitted to the Blackboard will be checked by Turnitin.
3) The Blackboard system might not be able to process your submission in the case of large volume of submissions at the same time (for example: when a large number of students submit their assignments just right before the due time). Therefore, you need to allow yourself sufficient time to submit your work.

About Turnitin
Turnitin will check your assignment for originality and will generate a report indicating areas in which the content overlaps with other resources. Therefore you need to make sure that your write-up is your own workand never do ‘copy and paste’. When you use others’ idea in your essay, you should try to paraphrase it thoroughly and acknowledge the sources by proper citation(in-text) and in the reference list (end-of-text).

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