The Golden Dawn: Fascism in a time of crisis

This is a six page essay, double-spaced, one inch margins, Chicago footnote style citation with a bibliography. The paper needs to have these headings in bold 1)Introduction 2)Case Study Topic Summary 3)Major issues 4) A review of Pro and Con views on the issue 5) Your position on the issue in your words 6) Conclusion. The paper is on the Golden Dawn Party in Greece. I want the paper to give a little history on the party. I want the paper to explain how the party is a neo-Nazi or fascist party. Also, how and why they were able to gain some much popularity? Also, speak about the fact they are running in the next election. The personal views of the paper should express how they shouldn’t be allowed to run in the election even despite the fact it is a democracy. But, the fact that they are a group that entice racism and prejudice views. Freedom of speech should not infringe or impede human rights. The paper should be only six pages.

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