Governance Challenges at Good Hands Healthcare.

Swayne, Case Study 9 – Governance Challenges at Good Hands Healthcare. This case is designed to depict a series of governance issues for a health care company within the eldercare industry and to provide you a framework by which to link the results of internal analysis and the development of service delivery implementation strategies.

M6A1: Good Hands Case Study

Activity Outcomes:

Analyze the results of internal and external analysis.

•Evaluate change analysis to determine ways in which competitive advantages are gained and disadvantages are improved.

Answer the following questions regarding the Swayne Case Study #9:

•Briefly describe Jackson’s assessment of Good Hands’ issues and proposed strategies..

•Do you believe that Jackson’s assessment of Good Hands’ problems is a result of poor industry/external conditions? Why or why not? .

•Is Jackson the right person to lead a turnaround at Good Hands? Why or why not?.

•If you were a board member, what alternative would you suggest at the next board meeting regarding Jackson? .

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