The effects of poverty on children

I have to do write about the effects of poverty on children. My thesis statement is that children effected by poverty do not have the tools and advantages that other children do to strive for success.

I need a total of 6 sources. One source has to this specific reading from my book, The Little Brown Reader. My friend told me that the writers were able to find books so here is the book in a work cited to help you find it. Eberstabt, Mary. “Eminem Is Right.” The Little Brown Reader. Eds. Marcia Stubbs and Sylvan Barnet. 12th ed. Boston: Pearson Education, 2012. 331-336. Print.
If the writer could find a way to connect some of the reading from the book article “Eminem Is Right” to the paper that would be great.

At least three of the other 5 sources have to be one of these.
• Analytical: information provided through analysis of the issue (book or article)
• Internet: choose from the wide range of information available (be sure to assess the credibility of the site)
• Cultural: use examples from TV, film, popular magazines, etc.

MLA Format:
• Include parenthetical citations for all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries.
• List your sources in a Works Cited list—the list of the sources you actually cite in your paper and a Works Consulted list, if applicable—the list of the sources you consult but don’t actually cite in your paper.
(1800-2400) words

This is for my freshman English college class. I would say I have an average vocabulary. Sorry if all of this sounds really uptight I copy and pasted some of the teachers instructions since I’m pretty nervous using this site for the first time.

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