Why is IBM interested in creating “even bigger change” in society?

In Units 4, 5, and 6 your team will analyze a component of IBM through a case study from Harvard Business School. In this unit, you will complete the first component of the case analysis.

Team Assignment:
In Unit 3 you purchased and reviewed the case study for your team Assignments:

Kanter, R.M. (2009). IBM’s values and corporate citizenship. Harvard Business School Publishing, Product: 308106-PDF-ENG.

As a team, discuss the following questions concerning this case:

Why is IBM interested in creating “even bigger change” in society?

To whom is this important?

How has this goal been developed and disseminated within the company?

Is this an effective way to set the stage for external social change projects?

What recommendations does your team have?

Write a paper 3-5 page APA case analysis using the template provided in Doc Sharing (GB600 Template – Unit 4 Team Case). At least one peer reviewed journal article must be used to substantiate your analysis and recommendations. The case must be cited and referenced.

Content (50%) = 25 points

Analysis (30%) = 15 points

Writing/Grammar/APA (20%) = 10 point

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