the effect of banking sector development on economic growth in CEECs(central and esst european countries)

1) the assignment should use Stata to input dataset and analysis it. you can choose either panel dataset or time series dataset, which depends on your data selection. details of Stata process please look at the example essay.
2) there is an example essay which I have uploaded, the structure should like that, as well as the process of Stata analyses. it should contain basic analyses such as summary data, and also more complete regress test.
3) all other requirements and lecture notes are uploaded as well, please read all carefully.
4) please use the do file in Stata and give explanation of each command
5) all relevant output from Stata should present as tables or figures in the assignment, details please look at the example essay as well.
6) the assignment is 100% of final exam, so it should take special attention.

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