Report based on Case Study Analysis of Bank

Report based on case study Analysis of First Gulf Bank , UAE based Bank , Report should be divided in two sections Section 1. Analyze the Organization Innovation Capabilities that might provide sustainable competitive advantage (demonstrated by Innovation value chain mapping which could help to ascertain if the Organization is idear poor/conversion poor/ or diffusion poor. IVC should include three phases idea generation, conversion and diffusion, along with six critical activities(internal , cross-unit, and external sourcing; idea selection and development, and spread the idea performed across those phases.
Section 2 based on the above IVC mapping, identify the company strengths and weaknesses and critically evaluate the challenges the Organization might faces in implementing the change. (demonstrated by critiquing the people management issues, culture, structure, organizational learning processes and etc.
supportive : Section 1 Innovation ,thoughts academic references + an example + intro about the Organization (
Carry out Value Chain Analysis ( only appendices to be provided)
Provide Table with VRIO Framework analysis – Academic References + Table
Role of Innovation, its importance for FGB Bank, what gives the Edge for the Organization over its competitors, How does the Organization analyze its innovation capabilities by carrying out IVC , there is where you need VCA (as appendinx), VRIO Framework explanation , interpretation is critical.
Further attached is sample data of 12 personnel in table from which you have to analyze Idea Generation (concept theory + context FGB), Conversion (concept theory + context FGB, Diffusion (concept theory + context FGB).
Section 2:
Based on the above identify the changes FGB is undertaking or wish to undertake – explain this should link with the introduction.For implementing the changes mentioned above based on the IVC what are the strong, weak points that could help hinder change.What could be the challenges Pre/Post IVC People management , Culture Structure, Organizational Learning.
(Recommended references and material : Managing Innovation – Joe Tidd,John Bessant, Keith Pavith, Managing Change – Adrian Thornhill, Phil Lewis, Value Chain – Porter 1985, IVC – Hansen & Birkinshaw , Stages in Process of Managing Change – Hayes & Hyde 1998,
Please use Organizational Learning – rules, behavior,Organization single loop/ double loop, continuous , incremental change and etc., The 4 I Model Learning.
Please offer relevant theoretical constructs to complex scenarios.balanced commentary and conclusions. Thanks


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