tests and measurements Q & A

Tests and Measurements
Instructions: Respond to the five questions below. Include all five responses in the same document, with one title page and a reference list. Indicate which item you’re responding to with its number. While there is no set length for each response, all aspects of the question are to be addressed.
Use APA style unless otherwise indicated, inserting citations in the text as is appropriate. Responses will be assessed based on sufficiency of content, grammar/formatting, and demonstration of comprehension of core course concepts.
If you have any questions at all or need additional chapters from the course book please let me know.
(1) Describe a testing scenario that uses behavioral observation as an assessment tool. You are recruited to train the observers for this testing. Outline the observer training process you will use. Explain how the training you’ve devised minimizes the problems of drift, reactivity and expectancy.
(2) You are interviewing applicants for manager of an inner-city, multi-ethnic mission project. Create a profile of a fictional interviewee who has cross-ethnic, cross cultural and cross-class factors in relation to you. Describe how you would conduct the interview in light of these factors to minimize interview error and bias on your part. Include in the description specific questions you would ask the interviewee.
(3) Identify a behavior that you would like to increase and one that you would like to decrease. Set up intervention plans for both behaviors using Steps 1-4 in Table 15.3, Chapter 15, Kaplan and Saccuzzo. Describe the selected reinforcers and explain why these were chosen. Predict how long it would take to achieve the desired behavior modifications.
Chapter 15 can be found at: http://www.cengage.com/custom/static_content/OLC/0495095559/data/kaplan95559_0495095559_00.16_chapter15.pdf

(4) Describe at least three moral views of “fairness” in testing. Which of the three are you most aligned with and why? Give examples to support your position.
(use chapters 19 and 20 for reference at http://www.cengage.com/custom/static_content/OLC/0495095559/data/kaplan95559_0495095559_00.21_chapter20.pdf

?(5) Describe three controversial issues related to interest assessments. Explain how professionals in the field have attempted to deal with these three issues. Which approaches would you support to diffuse the controversies over these issues and why?

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