Argumentative Research Topic: Presentations
For this assignment, I will explain your argumentative research topic to the rest of the class and analyze the audience’s interest in the topic.
1) Identify and describe the topic.
2) Describe why I chose this topic, why I am interested in the topic, and why I think this topic will be of interest to readers.
3) Explain 3-5 interesting facts I’ve discovered thus far about my topic.
4) State my possible “hypothesis” or argument regarding the topic.
5) State 2-3 sources I’ve accessed and read thus far.
I will have 2-3 minutes to present my information, and then the class will be allowed to ask questions for 2 -3 minutes. Due Tuesday, October 23.

Argumentative Research Essay
The argumentative research essay asks me to inquire into a current, debatable issue in order to present a position on the issue. The argument I write will be an academic, source-based argument. Furthermore, my argument should add something unique or new to the conversation, and not just repeat someone else’s argument.
Purpose: To convince undecided readers to agree with my argument; or to make opposing readers less resistant to my argument; or to persuade readers who are in agreement with me to take action on my issue.
Audience: The audience for this argument is academic so it includes my instructor, myself, my peers, and other members of the academic community. Prior to writing my argument, we will discuss argument strategies and the conventions of academic argumentation that will help me meet the needs and expectations of my audience.
• Include an interesting introduction which provides a hook, defines unknown terms and gives necessary background information or contextual information.
• Provide a clearly stated claim (narrow, debatable, realistic).
• Give thoughtful and relevant reasons to support my overall claim.
• Use sufficient evidence to support my argument. I must use at least 7-8 sources, with at least three varying types (i.e. 3 journal articles, 2 magazine articles, 1 book, 1 website).
• I must use at least 2 scholarly journals.
• Organize my claims, reasons and evidence so that the paper is unified and focused. Use clear transitions to guide readers between my ideas.
• Analyze my target audience (their beliefs, values, background, assumptions) and write according to their needs and interests.
• I must project opposing views wherever necessary.
• Avoid fallacies of argumentation.
• Include a Works Cited page and use proper MLA documentation for citations.
• Avoid distracting spelling and grammar errors to improve credibility.
• Type my essay in a readable, 12-point font and double space it. Submit your essay in a folder along with any other contents specified in class.
Due October 30

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