All businesses have interdependent components. They should be managed as a single system because their activities affect each other. Such management qualities are Total Management Qualities. Implications of not viewing a business as a system in a restaurant set up would be neglecting to renew the menus. This may be to save on costs. The management’s complacency will make the waiters and kitchen stuff be equally complacent. This kind of complacency will produce low quality service that will chase most of the restaurant’s customers. New customers will be reluctant to try out its services. This shows us that each component in a business affects the other, and they must therefore, be treated as one.

When implementing Total Quality Management, values are an important factor as they affect how employees and other individuals behave. Some values that will help achieve Total Quality Management are: working together as the company, suppliers and customers; no superiors or subordinates; open honest communication; access to information by everyone; focusing on the processes and learning through failures and successes. These values are based on the realistic view of businesses.

Working in the business with an attitude of being one is important. This will help individuals to identify with the company. Working as one will build teams and the teamwork will cultivate a sense of commitment among the managers, employees, suppliers and customers. Loyalty also develops among those affiliated to the business. The value of no subordinates or superiors allows one to unlock the full potential of their abilities. The value stresses on the importance of each member’s contribution to the realization of business success. Everyone will feel like a colleague. Dishonest communication is detrimental to a business’ success. Empathy and good listening skills will help individuals to achieve open and honest communication.

Open and easy access to business information by the employees will ensure work is done efficiently. This encourages choices based on accurate and complete information. Focusing on the processes is a value that places importance on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. Employees need not feel divorced from the overall purpose of the activities they do. This value shifts effort from blaming individuals to encouraging them to come up with means of resolving problems in the processes. Members of a business ought to look at failure and success as learning opportunities. Failure and success help the management and employees evaluate their relationship with the customers. Success means improving the quality or service offered to the customer. This attitude should therefore be applied when looking at a success or failure.

The culture of a company reflects the values of a leader. Employees in a business end up adapting these values. This will be regardless of whether the values are positive or negative. As the leader, one should personalize the fundamental values advised by authors and successful business personalities. Changing a business’ culture will include encouraging a sense of belonging among the workers and eliminating systems that discriminate based on hierarchy. There should also be a review of policies. Those that encourage performance should be implemented. Training should also be done on communication and Total Quality Management. Legends and symbols illustrating the values of the business should also be introduced. The top management should show unwavering commitment to these values.

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