Sustainable Waste Management

The Issue of Commercial Trade waste. Dissertation Proposal: To develop Best sustainable Practice Guidelines for commercial waste recycling collection within a chosen UK Business.

Course of Study: Environment and Business

Dissertation Topic: Sustainable Waste Management: The Issue of Commercial Trade waste.

Dissertation Proposal: To develop Best sustainable Practice Guidelines for commercial waste recycling collection within a chosen UK Business.

WORD LIMIT 12,000 words (plus appendices if relevant)

Presentation guidelines
To meet basic University guidelines you should adhere to the following when presenting your project report:
• It should be written in a report format for a business audience.
• It should also be an academic report including full citations and correct referencing. It should be fully referenced in text (using references to avoid unnecessary description of standard methods, previous studies, theories etc.). You should adopt the a consistent referencing style (APA or Harvard style) References do not count towards the word limit of the report.
• Risk assessment forms should be included in your dissertation as an appendix.
• The report should be presented with line spacing of at least one and a half on consecutively numbered pages with paragraphs justified. An 12 point font size should be used.

Required Pages
• The first pages of your report should follow the following template:
a) Title Page which should give the following information:
• Title
• Name
• Degree Programme and Module Code
• Name of supervisor
b) Departmental Coursework Submission Sheet (included as signed recognition that you are aware of plagiarism rules)
c) List of Contents with page numbers;
d) List of Acronyms;
e) Executive Summary (should be no more than one page and should include the aim and nature of your research, main conclusions and recommendations);
f) Acknowledgements

Suggested Report Headings
Note that these can and should be adjusted to suit your specific project purposes):
• Introduction
• Background and rationale for the project
• Literature review
• Method and approach
• Results and findings
• Recommendations and implementation plan
• Conclusion

Enterprise project Module additional Information.

Module Objectives
This module will enable students to gain the practical research experience required to develop and fully validate a sustainability-based enterprise, taking their enterprise idea from inception to start-up. Once the students have validated an enterprise idea, they will further develop this into a complete business research project report.

This will include research on products or services to offer, sourcing of materials, methods of production and manufacture or service delivery, and sources of finance, marketing, and work patterns. This will include customer/ consumer market research.

The key aims of the module are:
1. Identify and research a business opportunity in resolving an environmental (and potentially a social) issue;
2. Conduct original research that makes a significant contribution to business research and literature OR significantly informs the resolution of a sustainability problem for organizations

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module you will be able to:
– Present a focused enterprise project research report
– Develop a project plan
– Consolidate and apply your knowledge and understanding of the topic covered throughout your programme including: management, environmental management, entrepreneurship, finance, innovation, stakeholder management.
– Apply specialist knowledge to business and environmental problems
– Synthesize and summarize information critically and cogently;
– Recognize any moral and ethical issues relevant to your work;

– Specific Instruction.

➢ I am sitting an Environment AND Business Undergraduate degree so it is important to understand that the project must focus around both
➢ The Report must end in some sort of valid business proposal based on research findings as a way to better that particular commercial waste recycling system.
➢ The Literature review must demonstrate a through understanding around the topic critically contrasting and comparing relevant Academic literature throughout with covering at least 7 relevant areas.
➢ Report style Project.

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