Statement of philosophy for volunteerism

Philosophy Statement
Writing a statement of philosophy of volunteerism has been an exercise many Certified Volunteer Administrators (CVA’s) say was their most profound experience in the credentialing process.

The Statement must be:
1.) Reflective of personal beliefs and values pertaining to volunteer administration.
2.) Well written
3.) Minimum 500 words in length

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As a professional in volunteer administration I accept responsibility:

to develop a personal, coherent philosophy of volunteerism as a foundation for working with oth-ers in developing volunteer programs;

to help create a social climate through which human needs can be met and human values en-hanced;

to promote understanding and the actualization of mutual benefits inherent in any act of volunteer service;

to develop volunteer programs and initiatives that respect and enhance the human dignity of all persons involved;

to respect the privacy of individuals and safeguard information including written, electronic, audio-visual and verbal formats identified as confidential;

to understand and treat with respect individuals from diverse backgrounds;

to develop a program that will enhance and extend the work of paid staff;

to contribute to the credibility of the profession in the eyes of those it serves;

to pursue excellence even when resources are limited, and seek to overcome obstacles to excel-lence;

to improve my knowledge, skills and ability to make judgments;

to reflective decision making with the intent of advancing the long term greater good;

to be kind, compassionate and generous in all actions so as to minimize the harm done to others in the performance of my duties;

to have an open and impartial process for collecting and evaluating information critical for making decisions;

to have impartial and objective standards that avoid discriminatory or prejudicial behaviors;

to assure clear communication regarding commitments made on behalf of the organization, staff or volunteers;

to identify policies, procedures and circumstances that might result in a conflict of interest and address them appropriately;

to the truth, assuring that all interactions with volunteers and other paid staff is founded on the premise of open and honest interaction;

to understand and work to promote the core ethical values of my profession, not compromising those values for convenience.

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