Social Work and Human Services


(1). Produce and present an individual digital poster to Critically examine a specific health issue (CHILD OBESITY) and its representation within the media. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact and influence of the media and its effect upon public perception. (6 PAGES)

(2). Consider and justify the entries offered within the digital poster. Critically analysing the health and wellbeing of society and the complexities of policy and legislation. Evaluates the range of relevant media and variety of source used to support the topic and its presentation. (8 Pages)

I have attached paper instructions, my choice of specific health issue is CHILD OBESITY Please note that question 2 is a supportive paper for questions 1. Please follow attached instructions. Please note that I requested for 14 pages in total but question number 1 should be 6 pages and question number 2 8 pages as stated in bracket after each questions

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