Assessment Use with a Client

Utilize one or more specific methods of assessment (such as the Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory, mental status exam, biopsychosocial assessment) with a fictitious male client who is in a residential addiction recovery facility for therapy.

After you have collected client data using the various assessment tools, synthesize, summarize, and write your assessment of the client, in a 3–4 page paper that:

1. Offers a brief description of the client
2. Describes the rationale for using these particular assessment forms. (that is, agency policy, diagnostic clarification, and so on).
3. Gauges the effectiveness of selected assessment tools in soliciting client data and facilitating interaction.
4. Identifies the strengths and limitations of assessment tools.
5. Discusses cultural characteristics that impact the selection and application of assessment tools.
6. Identifies the limitations of these tools in gathering data and building the helping relationship

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