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Short essay outlines

The Enchanted Bluff is a short story by Willa Cather, which takes place in bare cornfields of Nebraska during 1990s. In brief, themes of Enchanted Bluff flows in the story whereby childhood’s dreams are surrendered as one accept new challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. Specifically, the story involves six boys who are captivated with the idea of visiting bluff. The boys discuss ways of dominating mystifying bluff, and though they vow to visit bluff, none visit it even after twenty years. In essence, the author does an exceptional job of providing a vivid imagery throughout the story creating a platform for readers to capture the real sense of the town. For instance, the tone enables the reader to imagine not only the bluff but significantly paints that portray descriptive pictures of people in the town. Through these and many more descriptions, one can highlight two themes such as dysfunctional family relationships and disillusionment as discussed later in the essay. Similarly, the story Kate Chopin: “A Pair of Silk Stockings” was published by Kate Chopin on September 16, 1897. Kate Chopin is well known for exploring the theme of functional family relationships, in which she depict quite challenges that women undergo while fulfilling the family life and personal satisfaction. Mrs. Sommers is the main story character being the wife and the mother. Mrs. Sommer’s family is so poor that, she works hard to pick up for few items to clothe her children. Throughout the story, A pair of stockings portrays a struggle of a woman caught in different roles the role of a mother and a wife. The story raises question to readers on what is the role of the husband in the family, and why as the story ends Mrs. Sommers wish he would continue travelling for ever. In response to this, most people assume that Mrs. Sommers may have been so much contented with travelling compared to being at home. With no doubt; this paper seeks to reveal how the outcome of the two mentioned persuasive essay depict two themes Dysfunctional family relationships and Disillusionment.

A pair of Silk Stockings

As mentioned earlier, this is a short story by Kate Chopin that published in 1897. In brief, the story concerns a woman who had much responsibility in fulfilling the role of a wife and a mother. Throughout the story, Mrs. Sommers is portrayed as a hardworking woman who works diligently in ensuring that her children are properly dressed and still, fulfilling the role of a wife. The author reflects an outstanding theme that reflects on the role of women in the society. The story ending suggest that women encounter countless challenges in fulfilling the role of a wife and a mother. In this context, the author seeks to elucidate woman’s role in the society, which is quite demanding. With this in mind, Disillusionment can be delineated on women’s search for identity, self-discovery or selfhood. Women’s encounter challenges during experience of motherhood, child birth, and pregnancy in balancing the role of a wife and a mother. The main character is driven by lack of expectations whereby she struggles to afford basic commodities in that she forget to buy food prior to luxurious shopping. In reality, Mrs. Sommers faces dilemma of poverty and despite her current situation, she sees better days in equating herself with simple luxuries such as kid gloves and silk stockings. Disillusionment can be articulated in the sense that, Mrs. Sommers was not going through any acute mental process of reasoning with herself nor was she striving to clarify her action. Often, she seemed to be taking rest and buying luxurious that directed her to free from responsibility. As the story indicates “Mrs. Sommers used to have more money long ago, before her marriage, but she does not worry about the past or the future, focusing mostly on the present” (Chopin 1). As the story continues, it outlines that, “While sitting on a stool to rest before her shopping, she realizes that her hand has brushed against a pair of two-dollar silk stockings. She continues to feel the luxurious fabric and asks the shop girl for a pair in her size” (Chopin 1). Ironically, Mrs. Sommers think of living a luxurious life despite being under pressures of poverty, it reveal stupidity and Disillusionment.

Typically, Mrs. Sommers character lifestyle reveal functional family relationship attribute by the fact she spends much of her time ensuring that her family enjoy every moment they are together. She pays attention to her role as a mother and wife and work hard in balancing the two. The main character cares much about her children clothing and thus, determines to spend a dollar or two on Janie’s shoes for better quality that will last longer. In the story, the author states that, “After shopping, she will still have enough money for new stockings and hats for everyone, which pleases her because her children will have new clothing for the first time in a while” (Chopin 1). Despite having weaknesses on focusing mostly on present rather than for the future, Mrs. Sommers cares so much for children to the extent she is pleased by the fact her children have new clothing. There are various lessons that can be learnt from the short story. These include the importance of making decisive decisions while considering about the future.  This implies that, one should prioritize her needs putting into consideration the needs that should come first. In this case, this story creates a platform for readers to articulate the importance of budgeting, in which basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing should be met before luxuries. Making wise decisions in life is the driving force of a prosperous life. As the story ends, one can outline that, Mrs. Sommers is still under pressure despite the craving for living a luxurious life. In addition, readers should emulate Mrs. Sommers who throughout the story does not abandon her family. She works diligently to accomplish the responsibility of a mother and wife. The story ending suggests the struggle of a woman’s traditional role as a wife and mother that has always been strictly defined.

The Enchanted Bluff

As said earlier, this is a short story that was published in April 1909 by Willa Cather. It has been noted that, the author sets her story on the sandbar along Western River alike to Republican River. At the beginning the narrator is recalling the natural scenes of the summer. At this point, six local boys desire to reach to the tip enchanted bluff, which is a rock surrounded by a plain within New Mexico where Native Americans lived before Spaniards came along. Despite dreams unfulfilled, the story reveals the physical evolution keeping on whereby most of these boys settle down in marriage and get offspring. This is achieved after assiduously wishes to save women and children who were destroyed to death on the rock. Their dreams are shattered down bearing in mind that none reached to the Enchanted Bluff. Tip the red-haired boy plans to go when his son will be old enough to accompany him. From this context, there are various things that stand out, first, after women and children starving to death, the boys eventually plan to go and save them. This portrays genuine relationship where people care about other people welfare. In this story, the boys are not only concern about their personal welfare but, they are concern on women and children who starved to death on the rock. To this point, there is one thing that stands out, despite these boys encountering difficult of not fulfilling their dreams; they settle down in marriage. The concept of disillusionment concept is emphasized whereby Arthur the 17 years old boy is disillusioned with perceived failures of rebuilding the nation of Enchanted Bluff and Grand Canyon but, he dies in the same old town.  At this point, Arthur would have learnt from the past incidence where both women and children starved to death. Despite Arthur not focusing on the past incidence that killed lives of people, one can articulate determination concept whereby, he is determined to risk all it takes in attempt to fulfilling his dreams. This educates readers to articulate the need of learning from others to eradicate painful experiences that could otherwise be avoided.


Conclusively, “A pair of Silk Stockings” by Kate Chopin is well known for exploring the theme of functional family relationship whereby Mrs. Sommers work conscientiously in her duties as the wife and mother. Mrs. Sommers’ Disillusionment can be delineated on her search for identity, self-discovery or selfhood. Despite of being financially unstable, Mrs. Sommers’ fails to prioritize her needs to the extent she concentrate much on luxuries than basic commodities. In the “The Enchanted Bluff” the boys initiative of planning to rescue women and children who had starved to death portrays genuine or functional relationship. However, disillusionment can be outlined in Arthur who after disillusioned with perceived failures of rebuilding the nation of Enchanted Bluff and Grand Canyon die in the same old town. As discussed, both stories create meaning and lessons to readers.






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