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International Citizen

            In my opinion, international citizenship is the aspect of connection between individuals on earth regardless of their background, as well as the obligation of learning from others and teaching them consecutively. From an individual perspective, citizenship is outlined as part of identity whereby an individual is defined by relationships with others thus, defining an individual socially and politically among others. With this in mind, one can depict that, an international citizen is one who influences global decisions and acknowledge behavior that are congruent with decision. In essence, an international citizen has variety similar meanings, frequently referring to an individual who carries both responsibilities and rights globally. International citizenship is applied for the entirety of citizens of their constituent countries coalesced. Therefore, at this level, citizenship is a secondary concept where rights derive from nationwide citizenship. To qualify, most countries require a passport, which is a document that is issued by the national government to certify the reason of international identity, travel, and nationality of its holder. In this case, a passport contains a message that requests the bearer to be allowed to pass freely in addition request the applicant to be granted further assistance. In most cases, when an individual moves from one place to the other, he is bound to face changes because of culture differences. It is natural to experience difficulties while adjusting to anew culture borne in mind; interpretation of ideas may be different from different cultures. This implies that, to understand culture differences is vital in enhancing equality despite culture differences. From a personal experience, I have articulated that, differences in cultures can be difficult for an international citizen as they adjust to new surrounding. For instance, one may encounter unfamiliar weather, clothes, different people and school, and food. With this in mind, I have depicted the importance of dealing with differences in an attempt to adjust and interact with people from other cultures.

Being an International Baccalaureate student, I have acquired high quality programs for international education to the global community. During the course, I have gained a high reputation for academic standards that develop future citizens to create a more peaceful world through addressing culture differences. Typically, IB enhances the international mildness whereby students from different countries easily communicate and work with one another regardless of difference in culture background. Through IB, I have developed the intellectual, emotional, personal, and social skills to learn, live, and work in rapidly globalizing world, and enhancing an understanding of differences that occur between different cultures. This has created a platform to learn from different cultures, and in turn teaching them about culture.

With no doubt; I credit my school which in endlessly effort has ensured that we had students from different countries, and as a result, we could easily communicate and work with one another. This has inspired me to reflect on what should be done to address culture differences in different instructional design process. I found that, interacting with people from different cultures is the key to address culture differences and learning from one another. For instance, in the school, we have had different interesting discussions about culture differences in project teams. This appeal to be important bearing in mind many instructional require to support audiences and students across international boundaries. Conclusively, I believe it is feasible to develop resourceful instruction for people who come from different cultures during international citizenship. Communicating and working with one another regardless of culture differences, is the key to address culture differences as discussed in the paper.

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