write about SEYCHELLES and follow the steps.

1. All assignments must be researched and turned in individually.

2. The “Major” Assignments cosmetic presentation must be:

A. Font Type: New Times Roman

B. Font Style: Regular

C. Font Size: No. 12

D. Page Margins: 1” All around the page.

E. Writing Style: Any methodological style of your preference. Just be consistent throughout Paper.

F. New Paragraphs: Indented with five spaces; not double spacing between paragraphs.

G. Section Titles and Subtitles: No page should end with a section title or subtitle. All section titles
must appear at the top of a new page, and all subtitles must be followed
by at least one sentence prior to continuing writing on a new page.
H. Assignment Structure: The component elements of the research paper are:

a) A Cover Page (06 points)

b) Table of Contents (04 points)

c) No abstract is necessary.

d) Introduction (05 points): Explain and describe what is to be expected by the reader of your paper,
as well as the methodological structure of the paper.

e) Geography (13 points): Absolute & Relative Location, Size (metric), Hydrological Features,
Orographic Features, Climatic Features, Flora & Fauna, etc.

f) History (14 points)

g) Political System (09 points): Government Type & Composition, Political Representation,
Political Division, , Executive/Legislative/Judicial Powers,
National Symbols, etc.

h) Economics (13 points): Currency, Exchange Rate, Gross Domestic Product, Per Capita Income, Labor
Composition, Employment/Unemployment Rates, Main Exports & Imports, etc.

i) Culture and Tourism (15 points): Folklore, Music, Dance, Museums, National Parks, Temples,
Gastronomy (Foods), Palaces & Castles, Archaeological Sites, Philosophy & Traditions, Religion, Festivals, Art Galleries, etc.

j) Conclusion (05 points): Final thoughts and comments.

k) Bibliographical References (06 points): They must include, at least, one book, one journal or magazine
(not the National Geographic), and one website. A minimum of six
references must be provided.

l) Appendices (10 points): Should include maps, statistics, tables, photos, designs, flags, portraits,
photocopies, CDs, etc.

3. Assignments must be properly typed “double-spaced”. Failing to do so will be penalized with five
(05) points.

4. All assignments must be written single-paged (one-sided). Failing to do so will be penalized with ten
(10 points.

5. All pages, except the Cover Page, should be properly numerated. Failing to do so will be penalized
with five (05) points.

6. All assignments must include a “Cover Page” specifying the title, date, course number and name, the
professor’s name, and your own name so as to adequately identify who is submitting said assignment.
Assignments with no Cover Page will be penalized with ten (10) points.
7. Assignments turned in with the student having his/her name misspelled in any form or shape will be
penalized with the loss of three (03) points.

8. Be sure to correctly spell the professor’s name. Failing to do so will be penalized with the loss of
four (04) points. For this course will suffice to write:
“Submitted to: Dr. R. A. Carreras”

9. All major assignments must be bound before being submitted. Failing to do so will be penalized
with the loss of eight (08) points.

10. Under no circumstances torn pages and/or hanging edge-curls are allowed. If any assignment is
turned in with torn pages from notebooks and/or block papers, said assignment will be penalized
with the loss of ten (10) points.

11. No assignment will be accepted after the due date and time.

12. All assignment discussions must be presented in the “third” person; not in the “first”.

13. All mathematical/statistical measures provided in your assignment must be presented in the metric
system; however, if the student also wants to include the imperial measuring system, they are
welcomed to do so provided that the measurements in question are placed between parentheses
immediately after the metric measurement. Failing to do so will be penalized with five (05) points.

14. Under proven and substantiated extenuating circumstances, and with the prior consent of the
instructor, an assignment may be turned in late. However, there will be a per diem late penalty
charge of ten (10) points for an assignment not turned in on time.

15. Losing from the computer alleged “saved” materials prior to printing them does not provide an
extenuating circumstance for turning in an assignment late. It is the responsibility of the student to
ensure making arrangements prior to a computer “engaging in attitudinal problems”.

16. If a so-called turned in assignment is “lost”, it is the responsibility of the student to prove
that the assignment in question was actually done and turned in. It is not the responsibility
of the instructor to prove that the assignment was not turned in. Therefore, if an assignment
is lost, it will be assumed that it was not turned in and a grade of zero will, therefore, be

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