Sex trafficking in India: how women get involved in sex trafficking in india

this is a research design that is a section of my research proposal. this research design is based on my my research paper which i will attach with this order. my research paper was on sex trafficking in India. and in this research design we need to come up with a research question to get started with the research design. i was thinking of maybe using how did the women get involved in sex trafficking and go from there. if there is a better research question that you feel you can start off with please contact me and run it by me to see if it is applicable. Can set it up as if i were interviewing women that are just getting out of sex trafficking.
The method that my professor told me to use for my research design is qualitative interviews. i will attach all the methods so it gives you a better idea of what this design is about but I want the writer to use the QUALITATIVE INTERVIEWS. i will attach the guidelines and the the example as well. i will attach all the examples even though the other examples are of no use. it might just give the writer a better understanding of the assignment.

my professor is very specific with her guidelines so i need the writer to read and look over the guidelines very carefully and please FOLLOW the directions, every detail. it is very important due to the reason that she marks us down tremendously for not following her directions

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