1- 1 page the genogram : edit my genogram to be more professional as it should be
2-write 1 paper hypothesis
3- write a report in 1 page
note here the exact instruction
1.Family Genogram
Understanding transgenerational influences on the development of our belief systems and current family functioning is critical to family therapists. This assignment is based on the ‘Transgenerational Approach’ of family counseling and requires you to construct your family Genogram- a diagrammatic representation of your family’s emotional system and relationship patterns, going back at least three generations. In doing this genogram your ultimate focus is to be on family strengths and resilience while addressing an issue/ concern which may be central to the genogram. Following are some examples of concerns which may be the focus of your genogram.
? Power struggles, decision making and conflict management ? Closeness, distance, conflicts
? Allowing for personal differentiation in marriage and family ? Expression of affection
? Communication styles
? Anxiety and stress
? Addictions and mental illness
? Involvement of extended family and in-laws ? Parenting roles
? Other areas as identified by the student
Mandatory features in the Genogram-
Index Person: When completing the genogram assignment, identify yourself as the index person. Be sure to draw a double circle or double square to represent yourself as the index person.
Three generations: This means the genogram will have at least three generations: The index person, his/her parents, and his/her grandparents. If the index person has children, they should be included in the genogram, too
Focus: Although the focus of this genogram project is on family strength and resilience, it should be by addressing a concern.. The focus may be colour coded/labeled
Symbols and Labels: Accurate use of symbols and labels/color codes.

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