Seminar Reflection Discussion



Seminar Reflection Discussion



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23rd, April 2013


The different experiences I have had in this class have given me an insight into the business world, through the academic knowledge I have gathered, as well as strengthened my relationship with my classmates and instructors at different levels, including the social and academic levels. After the past eight weeks, and all the different academic activities I indulged in, I have come out as a more knowledgeable person, compared to when I began. Being a student at the Walden University pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration in International Business, I believe that all the knowledge on Supply Chain Management, which I was exposed to, is of great benefit to my area of study.

My area of specialization mainly concerns management of international business. This therefore, expects me to focus more on the development of a scientific attitude, which will be important in my application of the learnt knowledge. In addition, it is imperative that I apply research methods in my study area, as this is a core requirement. This is to prepare me for future tasks, including conducting research in my field, and contribute to both theory and application of management. On the other hand, Supply Chain management offers knowledge on how a company can develop, and deliver their products to different stakeholders in an efficient manner. For instance, most international companies such as Proctor and Gamble have highly invested in their supply chains in order to remain competitive in the international market. In addition, chain managers in international companies play an important role in planning, purchasing, production, and transport, among other logistics in the company. Therefore, the knowledge I have gained in Chain Supply Management has made me to relate supply chain management and international business. Therefore, I am more knowledgeable on how I can develop international business strategies, and use them in managing the international supply chains. This is in addition to knowledge about international business negotiation and negotiating purchase agreements at the international level, among others.

Learning various elements through the eight weeks has improved my individual approach to research. The researches conducted in various stages were in-depth and well presented. The references were also well selected, and highly relevant to each topic that was addressed. In addition, the references used were those published within the last ten years, therefore, still relevant and applicable to the business world today. Therefore, in my project, I will borrow a leaf from this and ensure that my research is in-depth and well presented, while remembering to use up-to-date reference sources. Therefore, the presentation aspect and level of research are the major things in my individual research approach, which the seminar has reinforced.

The main new source that I have been exposed to, and think that it might apply in my doctoral study is “Global Business Management: Current Trends and Practices.” This was written by Wisma, M. in the year 2008 and published in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics, issue 8, number 1. In this article, the author has analyzed the different trends and practices in the international supply chain management. This includes the aspect of communication and relations with suppliers. This is an important source of knowledge to my study, since supply chain management is crucial to international business, which is my area of specialization. In addition, effective communication addressed by the author is vital in international business. Therefore, I will be able to learn more about the integration of international supply chain management in an international company, while increasing the effectiveness of the company. Nonetheless, the eight weeks have been a source of diverse knowledge for me, and I believe that I have relatively increased my knowledge base. Therefore, although all this is theory, applying it to real life situations will not be challenging, since my exposure to this is high as well.




Wisma, M. (2008). Global Business Management: Current Trends and Practices. The Journal of

Applied Business and Economics, 8(1), 96-109. Retrieved from the ABI/INFORM Global database.


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