Workforce Diversity in Business



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Workforce Diversity in Business

            Workforce diversity is important in a business. Today, most businesses use workforce diversity as a strategy to increase business productivity. Workforce diversity also increases creativity in a business, as well as employee loyalty. This too increases the capability of employees to serve customers in a more effective manner. Nonetheless, a business with a diversified workforce is likely to be more productive compared to one with a workforce that is not diversified.

The productivity of any business is dependent on the nature of its employees. Therefore, managers should invest in the hiring process of their business, and ensure to hire the best employees. When a manager hires employees from a diverse background, this means that the workforce comprises a pool of candidates, thus, increasing the likelihood of obtaining the best employees. The business world today is highly competitive, therefore, when a business hires employees regardless of their ethnic background, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, and physical disability, such a business has a great advantage compared to its competitors in the market (Konrad 83).

Additionally, it is important to hire a diverse workforce, since the market today is as well diverse. Therefore, some employees might mirror most customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty due to the common ground between some employees and customers. A diverse workforce promotes employee retention. This is advantageous to a business, since employee turnover affects a business negatively. When the workforce is diverse, employees feel represented, valued, and included, thus boosting their level of motivation, and in turn their commitment. Therefore, a business might use only limited resources in training such workforce. Nonetheless, workforce diversity is paramount in the contemporary business world, which is influenced by high levels of globalization. Business managers thus must use this as a strategy to boost the growth and productivity of their business.


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