FIND AND READ THE BOOK ” Stolen From Our Embrace” Written By Suzanne Fournier and Ernie Crey. a division of D&M Publishers inc. Then do a reflection paper on the book! MAKE THE FONT 12 POINT on TIMES NEW ROMAN AND THE PAGES DOUBLE SPACED. MAKE SURE IT IS ACCORDING TO APA FORMAT. Please write as if you are in first person relating to the book. Say things like this reminds me of. My name is Barry, and I am from the CREE Tribe in Sturgeon Lake, Cree Nation, Alberta, CANADA. and my grandmother was in residential school too, you could include that in a part somewhere… When You Reference anything from the book use quotations, and also put the page number with the quote. You are supposed to reflect on this paper and how it makes you feel as an individual,. So try your best to reflect as if you are a young First Nations Teenager from Canada. What Parts of the book really impacted you, and for what reason, you can say things like how you grew up in a poor family living in low income housing, and how child welfare threatened to take you away and put you into a foster home in the bigger city of Edmonton Alberta, How my mom is an alcoholic and dad as well. That residential school had a major impact on my family generational wise as my grandma was taken, her children suffered from it even though they didn’t go, and how I suffer to because of the emotional neglect that was passed down. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE BOOK! And Make sure everything is properly cited, and please do reflect on the book, how it made you feel inside.

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