First, you will read these documents then you will write tow reflection paragraphs in on page. In the first paragraph you will write a reflection about the first document which is Collaborative Style Profile and in the second paragraph you will write reflection about the second document which is collaboration Exploration that relate to this stander: (Teacher candidates and candidates for professional school roles understand and demonstrate the qualities and dispositions of professionals. Educators must communicate and collaborate effectively with others. Teambuilding and principles of life-long learning are included in the shared values, themes, and outcomes.)
I will attach to you the form of this paper that you will write on and please do not change any things that wrote by read color because it is a part of the form of this paper, and you have to start writing from because in the first paragraph and in the second paragraph you have to start writing from by. Finally, I will attach to you a sample of this paper that will help you to understand what I mean and do not copy any words form the sample.

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