Recruitment policy






Recruitment policy

For an effective recruitment policy, the company should first be able to describe each particular job vacancy. Job analysis provides details about the tasks that must be completed in an organization. Additionally, it describes the types of skills individual to fill these position are required to have. Materials and equipment used, duties and responsibilities, and so on are defined under job analysis. Once the necessary employee characteristics and requirements are known, recruitment policy can be developed. This now stipulates a procedure that should be followed to attract applications from the most qualified individuals in a specific vacancy. Job vacancy can be filled either from internal sources or externally.

The first step in external recruitment is advertisement. Advertisement can be placed in newspapers, via Blue Gum website, trade magazines, communication through other employee, and employment agencies. Internally, jobs can be advertised via memos, intranet and bulletin board. The good thing about external recruitment is that it brings in fresh ideas in the company that can reduce cost in the long-run. Advertisement stage provides an opportunity to let potential candidates know why they should work in the company. Image advertising combined with message prompts like show your designing aptitude, can specifically target certain group. The second step is to have some earlier contact with the potential candidates. For instance, giving them a telephone call helps to ensure the best candidates are retained for the selection process and to test communication skills. Finally, give them technical test prior to recruitments. Step two and three are important to ensure consistency across departments.

Selection Policy

This cascades from above as an approach of choosing from a pool of the most appropriate candidates. It includes the process from the point a recruiter starts to screen the applicant until the final hiring decision is made. It involves filling of the application materials by applicants. These provides applicant background information like experience. They can be in form of resume or just brief summary. Then an interview is carried out. Some tips that Blue Gum should observe include avoiding the use of stereotypes and need to emphasize questions that are results oriented. This is seeking more information about the outcome of applicants’ actions. Interviewee should then receive aptitude tests and personality tests that determine flexibility and sociability. Recruiter engages in an intense investigation to determine the background of an interviewee. Based on the information gathered the decision to hire an applicant or not to is made.

Induction policy

Having recruited an employee the next step is to socialize them with the new environment. This includes introduction to other employees in the company and also to the specific department that they are going to work in. introduction to the firm’s mission, vision, core values and policies is done to make them understand the organization culture. In Blue Gum an informal approach in orientation is the best approach because the work set up demands interaction with other employees. Additionally, it would take a shorter period for a new employee to feel at ease in an informal approach. This stage can also help to give more information to a new employee about job requirements that can create confidence in them.

Job application form

A typical job application form for the company may look as follows.


First Name   Middle Name   Last Name   Gender Male  

Level of education

Highest   Short Term Courses   Mobile No.  
Lowest     Email No.  
Why do you think you are the best person for this opportunity?





What are you achievements in you previous assignment?




How soon are you available




How will formal recruitment, selection and induction policies assist Blue Gum in achieving its strategy of HR consistency across all the stores?

Recruitment process ensures that only the best candidates are attracted in the process of staffing. Then by screening applications and hiring the best out of the pool it ensures that the company makes the best decision. Induction policies will help in providing information about the company to new employees. Generally Blue Gum will follow similar steps in the recruitment, selection and induction, accordingly, there is going to be consistency in the types of employee attracted to fill various stores.

Why is it important that senior management and store managers support and endorse the new policies? How will you convince them if they don’t support them?

These are the executive arms of an organization. Consequently, they have the legitimate powers that are given to them by organizations in order to control its direction. Additionally, they may also have a lot of control over recruitment process. As managers they make key decisions about the company such as promotion, and whom to hire and fire. In most case cases in the absence of HR management they act with personal interests and biases.

To influence this form of power and make these executives accept HR management policies proposed. Exchange of information about why best practices are going to benefit the company as well as mangers is important. For instance, one such benefit include the fact that best practice in recruitment and hiring is likely to attract best employees who will help to improve productivity of the company. As a result, this will increase profitability and help to meet the 10% target. Additionally, effective recruitment and selection process will help to minimize unnecessary cost associated with the process. It attracts only the targeted group of candidates that cuts costs of interviewing a large number. Moreover, those hired are people interested and having capability to do a particular job. Therefore, the company wouldn’t incur unnecessary cost that would be the case otherwise.

Future human resource needs

Human resource planning is used to determine the future needs of a company human resource. A SWOT analysis reviews the gaps that will need to be filled in order to realize the company mission successfully. It shows the external strengths that the company has in terms of skills to achieve the expansion strategy. Additionally, it reveals departmental abilities. An assessment of the current workforce skills indicates the abilities they have. This will involve the HR department because it keeps all records of employees. Sources of external sources of workers will also need to be reviewed. The public relation and CSR department can give information in this regard.

Importance of Job Description

Job description helps a company to deal with legal requirements. It helps to avert risks like accusations of unfairness or discrimination.

Job Description for Retail Sales Manager

Tasks that must be done

  • Handling client needs through the internet and phone
  • Attending exhibitions and trade fairs

Workers characteristics

  • Good communicator
  • Must be neat and tidy

Advertisement for full-time store manger


  • Excellent team player
  • Conversant with Occupational Health & Safety policy.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Maintain safety of equipment and people using the store
  • To display Blue Gum Clothing Occupational Health & Safety policy in a visible place.

Website over Newspaper

Online advertisements convey the message in real time as compared to periodical newspaper. Second, online advertisement covers wider area.

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