Management concept relate to films





Management concept relate to films

The film chosen is Crimson Tide. The movie entails two military leaders who conflict about leadership during war or battle. They have different backgrounds and this is what causes the differences. Captain Frank Ramsey is the overall commander of a submarine. He is old in this job and almost retiring. On the other hand is Lieutenant commander Ron Hunter. He is a young graduate from HarvardUniversity, with different philosophies. Captain Ramsey leads his troupe with bravery. He believes their responsibility is to preserve democracy and not practicing it. Hunter principle is military in the nuclear age should target prevention of war. The troupe sets out for a mission of destroying nuclear weapons in Russia, after a fanatic threatens to attack USA.
On their way, they receive a message that there is a Russian group, which is planning to attack the American ship. The ship is ordered to fire but when they are about to receive further instructions, the radio call breaks down. At this state, there is confusion whether to proceed with the strike or not. Ramsey is convinced they should go ahead because they had been ordered to strike. Hunter feels they should not do it because they do not have they rest of the instructions. Both are determined to enforce what they believe and feel and they do it at all costs. The two management concepts revealed in this movie is communication and leadership.
These are very important concepts in management and they highly determine success. Communication involves conveying a message from one person to another. It could be conveyed in many ways, either verbally or not verbally. There should be a sender, message and the receiver. The two parties communicating are required to have a common topic. Communication is said to be complete only when the receivers gets the right message. Sometimes the receiver may get the message but understand it differently. It will be considered that no communication took place.
When the superiors from the military base were giving instruction, they did not finish. This made Captain Ramsey to conclude that they should fire. This cannot be considered as communication. The message was not fully conveyed. Communication barriers include perception, filtering and language barrier. The way people perceive things may cause problems in communication. Leaders should understand that their subjects might have different interpretation on their actions or gestures. They should clarify what is necessary to avoid confusion. Messages may be filtered or not delivered at all. Filtering alters the original message hence it is a barrier.
If a different language is used and the receiver does not understand it, he or she will not receive the message. Sometimes people undermine the impact of non-verbal communication. It involves symbols, sign language or any other way of communicating non-verbally. There is a lot of non-verbal communication in this movie. The conflict between Ramsey and Hunter brings rise to a lot of non-verbal communication. For example, Ramsey considers Hunter to be an obstacle to carrying out the strike. He arranges how Hunter will be locked up.
This act is a message to Hunter that Ramsey is ready to do everything possible, to carry out the order. Hunter had planned to implement mutiny in return. Mutiny is causing resistance to lawful order. Therefore, Hunter was planning to disregard the order until the superiors give further instructions. Lack of good communication can cause insubordination and confusion in administration. Rules, policies and instructions should be clearly laid out to avoid confusion. In the movie, the conflict was caused by lack of clear instructions.
It is apparent that if there was no communication barrier and they receive instructions, there would not have been disagreements. For communication to take place there should be an understanding between the parties involved. The two leaders, Ramsey and Hunter could not come to an agreement on which action to take. They were affected by a communication barrier called “ourselves”. This means that people concentrate on themselves more than the other party does. The attitude of superiority and ego is also a problem between the two people. They both feel they know the best and their decision are the right ones. Another communication barrier is their background.
Ramsey argues he is more experienced in this field and his decisions should not be challenged. Especially, not by a person as young and knew as Hunter. Hunter’s reasons were based on scholarly foundation because it dealt with facts and not opinion. The most important thing about communication is the sender to send message and the receiver to understand as it should. The two barriers are psychological and they should be eliminated by leaders. It does not matter how good each individual is. They should cooperate and be exemplary to the rest of the troupe. The only physical barrier was the spoilt radio call.
If the psychological barriers can be eliminated then there would have been no arguments on decisions. There is a big problem of communication between these two leaders and it needs to be addressed. As a military troop, poor communication is very dangerous. It can lead to huge losses. It is respected that Ramsey was the overall commander but he should respect the opinion of his assistant. If they do not have a common stand, then they should discuss and get a solution. Communication issues easily affect management because the rest of the members become confused.
For instance, when Ramsey and Hunter confronted each other in front of their subjects, it was a wrong portrait. Subjects felt they did not have competent leaders because they could not work together. Hunter’s threat of mutiny shows great insubordination. Such actions are contributors of failure leads to failure. Leadership is the major concept of management in this movie. Leadership is directing people to achieve certain goals. Unfortunately, this is not the case in this movie. The leadership depicted by the commanders, show that they are not good at it.
They portray a disrespectful personality and they do not care what their subjects will think of them. The two commanders show various weaknesses in their leadership style. They seem to out do each other, a character that is not supposed to be in a leader. Leaders are considered as servants of their subjects because they should lead them in the right way. Ramsey and Hunter seem to be doing contrary, thus confusing their subjects. Leaders should have qualities that will command respect from their subjects. They should be exemplary so that their subjects will follow suit. It is important for them to have emotional intelligence.
They should have controlled their emotions and thought about their actions. Integrity was required in this situation. People of integrity are trustworthy because they never deviate from their values. In such a military setting, a commander should have self-confidence. The commander should believe in his ability to lead the others in achieving objectives. It is a basic requirement for the commanders to be intelligent. Sometimes they have to make a decision within a very short time and with little information. They must know what to do in every situation. If they are in a dilemma, they are supposed to use advice from their assistants or other advisors.

Unlike in the movie, Ramsey and Hunter could not consult each other. They greatly competed, yet they were leaders of the same ship. They needed to develop a spirit of cooperation in their team. It is the responsibility of the leader to show the team how to work together by being a team player. Ramsey should have shown Hunter how to cooperate with him and they get a common idea of what to Elucidating and comprehending the characters of excellent leadership is most likely easier than practicing it. Good leadership demands profound human qualities, which surpass usual ideas of authority. In the current time, fine leaders are an influential power, assisting people and organizations to achieve and grow. The customary perception of a leader seen as the directing person at the top of management is currently a very wrong image of what proper leadership must be. Successful leadership does not need immense technical or intellectual ability. These attributes may be helpful, but they are not essential.
Good leadership in the recent age more significantly needs attitudes and behaviors, which depict and relate to humanity. Numerous capabilities in life are acquired skills, information, then using them in a dependable manner. Leadership is quite diverse and asks for emotional strengths and behavioral personality. It can be tapped from a leader’s immense psychological and religious reserves. The leadership position is an unavoidable expression of people’s desires and problems in current life. Leadership is therefore an insightful concept, with increased difficult implications. All these are influenced by an increased multifaceted and dynamic world. Leadership and administration are usually seen as similar entities but there is a distinctive difference.
Leadership is also viewed as directing, commanding people and making imperative decisions as a representative of an organization. Efficient leadership is far much more than all these beliefs. It demands dedication, selflessness and commitment. A leader is a hard worker because he or she must show the rest how to work. People must stop thinking that leadership is about being bossy and making people do what the leader wants. There is a very big difference between a boss, manager and a leader. People must take time to understand all these three and evaluate themselves where they belong.
This is an easy method to perceive how leadership is different from management. Management is mainly characterized by processes. Leadership is mainly about conduct. In other words, management depends intensely on concrete quantifiable capabilities. They include proper planning, making use of managerial systems, and utilizing suitable communications methods. Leadership incorporates many managerial skills, but only as a derivative or backdrop role of true leadership. Leadership mainly is determined by less substantial and less quantifiable things like trust, integrity, positive attitude, good decision maker, and individual personality. They are neither procedures nor skills. Neither are they outcome of practice. They are significant components of humanity, and are made possible mostly by the leader’s personality. This mostly is contributed by hi or her reserve of emotions. Another way to compare leadership to administration is leadership does not significantly rely on the methods of management and procedures a leader uses. Leadership mostly is determined by the mode where the leader uses administration ways and procedures. The management should try to use leadership method than being managers.
It will enable them to be more effective and successful. The commanders in the movie surely have a lot to learn for them to become good and effective leaders. They should also try to improve their communication skills. This can be done by empathy. A sender should check whether the receiver will get the message, as it should be. The sender can repeat the points to ensure the receiver will understand. The sender should know the right time to send. It should be when the receiver has less distraction. The words should be clear and easy to comprehend.
When anyone is receiving messages, he or she should be an active listener. Listen as long as possible and evaluate. Ensure less interruption or none. Have interest in the topic being communicated to maintain concentration. Leadership is faced with many challenges but a good leader will always get ways of subduing them. The focus should always be directing other members in achieving the set goals.

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