Read Act. 11.15 on pp. 414-415. Write a memo using the format shown on p. 212 in Ch. 7 (Figure 7.3) that provides answers for a. through i. The memo should have three paragraphs. The first should be an introductory paragraph focusing on the topic. The second should be used to provide the answers for a. through i. The third should provide information for the audience. 11.15 Selecting Graphics (Obj. 5) Your Task. Identify the best graphics forms to illustrate the following data.

a. Commercial real estate in an industrial park
b. Month-to-month retail store sales figures
c. Government unemployment data by industry and sector, in percentages
d. Figures showing the distribution of the H3N2 strain of type A flu virus in humans by state
e. Figures showing the process of delivering water to a metropolitan area f. Areas in the United States most likely to have earthquakes
g. Figures showing what proportion of every state tax dollar is spent on education, social services, transportation, debt, and other expenses
h. Academic, administrative, and operation divisions of a college, from the president to department chairs and division managers
i. Figures comparing the sales of smartphones, tablets, and laptops over the past five years

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