Psychosocial Development Case Study Analysis

If you have not yet viewed the movie selected in Unit 5, please do so in order to complete this assignment. Each movie represents characters in multiple life stages. Choose one movie and identify characters in a minimum of three different life stages from school age through middle adulthood. As you study each character, focus on details that will make your analysis applicable to your specialization.

The Movie choices for this assignment are as follows:
For an assignment due in Unit 8, you will be required to view a movie concerning the themes of psychosocial development across the lifespan. Select a movie from the list provided below:

-Parenthood (1989).
-Little Miss Sunshine (2006).
-What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993).
-The Royal Tenenbaums (2001).

For this assignment, imagine you are a counselor working with each of these three characters.

For each character, identify the life stage he or she is in along with the psychological crisis each is experiencing.
For each character, as the counselor, apply psychosocial developmental theory to the situation presented.
Conceptualize your ideas for the developmental tasks of each character selected, grounding your conceptionalization in your own area of specialization. (My area of Specialization is School Counseling).
Include a discussion of the character’s life and factors that might affect behaviors, including cultural and other influences related to the stage of development assessed.
What interrelationships exist between work, family, and other life roles?
Support your ideas with specific lifespan theories that are found in this course.
From a clinical perspective, how do these three characters function as a family unit? As each character transitions to their next developmental stage, how will these transitions impact the functioning of the family unit?
Evaluate the significant challenges and areas of strength related to wellness and resilience, both within communities and cultural groups. What are some models of resilience used by counselors in your specialization? (My specialization is School Counseling)

Please use my textbook as one of the references.
My Textbook for this class is:
Development Through Life: A psychosocial approach
Newman & Newman Eleventh Edition 2012

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