Overview of Psychology: Biological Bases of Behavior

In the story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, the character, the Grinch, has a rather distinct personality. Toward the end of the story, we see a drastic transformation in his personality. (See complete text by Dr. Seuss at: http://xmasfun.com/stories/Grinch/Text.asp ). In the movie adaptation, we learn that the reason the Grinch has such an aversion to Christmas is that he endured a traumatic experience as a child in which he was cruelly ridiculed by his peers as he attempted to win the heart of a girl in his class at Christmastime.

Your Module 1 Case assignment:

– Explain the personality of the Grinch by using the concepts or terms from two (2) of the psychological approaches you read about in this module (theorists and concepts listed below).

– You will also need to explain how your approaches would account for this individual’s personality transformation, and how those conceptualizations would be similar or different.

– Be sure to note the behaviors the individual exhibits that led you to your conclusions.

– Be sure to compare and contrast the approaches, noting how their ideas would be similar and different in their conceptualization of the Grinch’s personality and its transformation

Upload a five to seven page paper to CourseNet. Be sure to use good reference and citation style, as discussed on the Syllabus page.


For your convenience, here is an outline for each of the approaches. Remember, choose two. Examine the Grinch’s behavior in terms of each approach. Contrast and compare.

Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Approach Applied to the Grinch

Freudian Concepts:
Death Instincts
Oral Aggressive or Sadistic
Skinner and Pavlov’s Behavioral Approach Applied to the Grinch

Behavioral Concepts:
Operant conditioning
Classical conditioning
Positive reinforcement
Negative reinforcement
Beck and Ellis Cognitive-Behavioral Approach Applied to the Grinch

Beck and Ellis Cognitive-Behavioral Concepts:
Automatic thoughts
Cognitive restructuring
Irrational beliefs
Abraham Maslow’s Humanistic Approach Applied to the Grinch

Maslow’s Humanistic Concepts:
Deficiency Needs
Belongingness and Love Needs
Peak Experience
Jonah Complex
Carl Roger’s Humanistic Approach Applied to the Grinch

Rogerian Concepts:
Positive Regard
Unconditional Positive Regard

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