Question #1 (NEEDS TO BE at LEAST 1 PAGE)

Develop an 8-10 item rating scale to measure a teacher”s attitude toward state-wide educational assessments. What factors might influence the teacher”s ratings to rate honestly? What advantages and disadvantages does a forced choice rating scale such as this one have over other types of measures? Conduct a critique of your own scale and discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses in your item development and scoring (e.g., how effective are the items you identified/developed with respect to the construct you are trying to measure”attitude toward state-wide assessments)?

(((Then include 2 Sources)))


Material Needed:

Keirsy Temperament Sorter – Second Edition (KTS-II):
The Big Five Personality Test:

Interests and personality assessments are often used to assist people in understanding themselves and in determining patterns of interests. Take the Keirsy Temperament Sorter ” Second Edition (KTS-II) and The Big Five Personality Test. The KTS-II is similar to the Myers Brigg Type Inventory, while the Big Five Personality Test measures the Big Five personality traits.

Provide a summary of your results from both tests.
Discuss some situations when personality assessments such as these would be used in the workplace.
What do you believe are the relative strengths and weaknesses about each test?
What factors must you consider when examining the results of self-inventories such as these?
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing computerized tests such as these over paper-pencil formats?
What are thoughts regarding how well the test items measured the constructs of interest (construct validity)?

(((Include at least two Sources)))

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