Maya Angelou and her traumatic experience

Use the book “I know why the caged bird sings” written by Maya Angelou as the only source. No other sources needed and DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES.

Write about the role of the role that early life trauma plays in the life of Maya Angelou and the role that writing may have played in helping her to write out her experiences so as to help to heal from her.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You have to come out with a claim (for example, I argue Angelou is ….. because….)

The paper should be outlined as such

1. Introduction: briefly outline the case. present your theme, your critical point, your argument

2. Context: Make any historical points about the work of the author. Discuss how it fits into larger literary/historical framework (for example, how it reflects a traumatized outlook, how it demonstrates the role of writing in dealing with trauma)

3. Textual evidence. Go to the text (which is the book i mentioned “I know why the caged bird sings) and cite examples that illustrate your major points and argument.

4. Conclusion. Summarize your analysis.

5. Citation page

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