Project 1

• In this assignment I want you to do 3 things:
• 1) Project Outline due this Thursday ( please try to finish the outline before this Thursday)
• 2) The Project, but “ it have to be have some mistakes” you should know the mistakes so then you can correct them. Because my instructor will do a revision to my paper and give me some comments.
• 3) Full project which should be perfect and clear the mistakes.
• • I will attach guideline and instruction for writing, student sample 1 and 2, and grading rubric which you should be careful aware of how she is going to grade.
• Write the sources as much as you think my paper needs. I said 6 in the order, but that is based on your writing.
Please write the outline, and 4 pages for the project. Try your best in this paper; I will assign you as my writer for the full semester in all my projects.

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