Progress Report Guidelines

Bus 130 Progress Report Guidelines                                                                                       Value: 5%


Using the memo format discussed in class, write an informal progress report to your instructor, summarizing YOUR perspective on your group’s progress to date.  Follow the format below, using the headings unless otherwise noted.




Introduction (do not include heading) – state the purpose/focus of the report


Background – briefly summarize your project scenario


Work Completed – provide a balanced perspective between what your group has accomplished on the project to date, and specifically what you have individually contributed to this end.  You may also want to discuss how your group is functioning, whether everyone is pulling their weight and getting their work done on time and up to expectations, how meetings are being run, the leadership in the group, how decisions are being made, challenges you’ve faced, etc.


Work to be Completed – detail out what still needs to be completed, by whom and when.  Add any additional comments needed for clarification.


Anticipated Problems and Response – indicate any concerns that you may have about completing the project on time and meeting both your group’s and your client’s expectations.  Also indicate how you will respond to this anticipated challenge.


Concluding Statement (do not include heading) – either indicate your confidence in completing the project by the due date or ask for a conference to resolve the problems you are encountering.




Single space within paragraphs.  You should be able to complete this in 1 to 2 pages.  See example on P. 290.

See the Progress Report Evaluation form under Letter and Memo Evaluations in D2L.



**Complete the attached Self and Peer Evaluation and attach it to your Progress Report.  Please discuss any issues that become evident at your next meeting.  Ask Sarah for help as needed.


Bus 130 Self and Peer Evaluation Form – Group Project

(include with Progress Report)

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