Come up with a solution to one of these global problems.
•Choose a global social problem to focus on
•Create a solution or social policy that you believe would affect positive change regarding the issue.
•Or, choose a social policy that is already in place that you believe is an effective solution to the problem.
•Research the topic in order to find background information to support your ideas.

◦Locate 3 or more resources on the topic.
◦Follow the  bullets provided below to write your paper:

◾Describe the global social problem and give background information on the topic.
◾Present your social policy (solution) to the problem.
◾Explain who or what would benefit from this policy.
◾Are there any ethical issues to be considered regarding this policy?
◾Are there cultural issues to consider?
◾Who is likely to support this social policy? Ie. Conservatives or liberals? Others?
◾How could success of the policy be measured?
◾Conclude with pros and cons of the policy as a whole.
◾Reference all sources in a bibliography page.
◾See scoring guide attached.
◾Remember the paper is to be 2-3 pages APA format.

1.Demonstrate understanding of social problems from a global perspective.
2.Demonstrate comprehension of the complexities of developing a social policy.
3.Create a solution to a social problem based on sociological principles.

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