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Professional Presentation

             There have been arguments on what is most valued in a professional presentation, between quality content and a polished delivery. I believe content is the soul of any type of communication. Since a professional presentation involves communication with the audience, then I believe in this case, it is necessary for the presenter to prioritize quality content, before the kind of delivery they will use.

Today, we live in a different era, where no one has the time sit and to listen to a presentation that does not add value to them. This is a kind of presentation that lacks quality content. No matter how one polishes or decorates the delivery mode, if content is lacking quality, this will not make sense to the audience, since audience are more interested in the content, than the delivery mode (Yate and Sander 2).

When the content of a professional presentation has high quality, this leaves an impact on the audience, and inspires them to take action, depending on the nature of the presentation. This makes the audience remember the presenter. On the other hand, if the presenter invests more in delivery than content, this will not influence the audience in any way. Additionally, this kind of presenter will not be remembered by the audience, except in a negative way (Yate and Sander 4).

Therefore, a professional presenter should focus on presenting high quality content, which is relevant and up-to-date. These should present well-researched information, which is in-depth, and authoritative. Only this way will the presentation be successful, compared with one with a highly polished delivery, but lacking content.


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