Practice theory

1- Approach the organisation and secure access – be mindful of confidentiality issues. (A confidentiality form will be posted on UTS Online. You and the person being interviewed must read and sign this)
– Secure permission to interview a senior manager/CEO with responsibility for organisational design

2- Identify and agree upon the appropriate theory/theories to be used in your paper
– Identify the common tools for sense-making used in the theory/theories; what questionnaires, analytical tools, methods are used and decide the tool you will use to approach your interviews, and which will drive your solution to the problem
– Create a short interview protocol aimed at identifying a key problem or issue facing the organization chosen in step 1.
– It is expected that all members of the group will participate in the interviews and collection of data.
– Using the tools identified in step 2, analyse and identify the assumptions, ideas, and interpretations underlying the approach to understanding organisational problem. Critically evaluate those assumptions.
– Research how adequately you believe these theories have explained the problem you have chosen, or similar relevant problems (what is the argument, how have they framed the problems, what tend to be the assumptions etc)
– Integrate your analysis with your chosen theory/theories
– Make sound, well justified, and well researched suggestions for addressing the problems (these must be grounded in your assessment of the theory/theories).

when you do the writing use headings below

Review literature
Conceptual framework.
identification of variables
Analysis of results
discussion and analysis
content analysis
I choose the organisation (GMI) in Sydney Australia
The issues what I choose
1- resourcing

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