Postmodernism, Power, Ethics

define every single part of each person( Burke, Bakhtin, Foucault ,Plato’s phaedrus, Brockriede, Weaver,feminists)you dont need any introduction and conclusion , must use the readings providied , NO OUTSIDE SOURCES NEEDED , you are not just copy what it said on the reading , you also need to explain it by your own words. it is like a full outline with full sentances. Cited your sources.
what is the ethics and rhetorics of 3 lovers( Plato , Brockriede, Weaver), Bakhtin and Burke?
what did Foucault and Feminists said about Power?

Defined Plato’s Phaedrus, what does Plato said about love? How soul link to rheroic? what does Plato said about the wisdom lover?what does Plato said about justice?

what are the three types of lover from Weaver ?Define and explain How does Weaver define rhetoric

Brockriede- define 3 types of argument( rapist, seducer, lover), what does Brockriede say about rhectioc?

what is Postmodernism? how is it different to modernism? what is thepunopticon and Critques of Postmodenism?

what does Foucault say about power and discourse?

what is contemporary theory?

what does Bakhtin say about rhetoric? what is identification and how it relate to postmodernism?

define feminist and rhetoric. what are the power with feminists?

define 4 types of invitational rhetoric ( conquest, coversion, advisory , invitational), what do those mean?

How style of rhetoric similar to those lovers(Plato, Brockriede, Weaver)? Give example and one real life exapmle.

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