Organism: Anthrax

Content of presentation (35 points)
• Organism (5 points)
• Disease caused(5 points)
• Detection and diagnosis of the disease (5 points)
• Treatment and prevention of the disease (5 points) (5 points)
• Mode of transmission and epidemiology of the disease (5 points)
• Historic importance (5 points)
• Current impact (5 points)
Total for content /35
Quality of presentation (15 points)
• Visual aids (Power Point only for pictures (5 points)
• Style of presentation (5 points)
• Understandability of material presented (5 points)
• Length of presentation 10-12 minutes (5 points)
Total for presentation /15
Written Handout (20 points)
• 1-2 page handout that summarizes the important points of the presentation. Not a complete text of the oral report and it should NOT be used to read the presentation from.
-Needs to be well written and well organized (5 points)
-The material needs to be thoughtfully presented in a compact form.
-Covers all required areas of presentation (5 points)
• Copy of visual aids for instructor at end of talk (2 points)
• Copy of talking points (notecards etc) for instructor at end of talk (2 points)
• Copy of overall presentation for instructor at end of talk, not necessarily word for word but closer to a transcript then the talking points (6 points)
Total handout /20
Overall Total for Oral Project /70

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