Please watch the film that i sent it to you and write about the specific sense and details

Please watch the film that i sent it to you and do my one page paper. This is only a 2 Pages assignment but it worth for a lot of points, please only use the one page space to fill up all the main points for the paper. I will also send you the website later which directly link to the film that you are going to watch, is a very old hong kong film and it talks in Cantones, but then there has english subtitles, so you can watch the subtitles in order to understand the movie and please well analyze the movie and talks about the specific sense staff, i will also send you the link abou the reading that you have to read and please use those readings that i sent it to you and related to the video. please use the readings that you have read from me and related to the video to finished up my essay. And while you were doing my essay , please quote the readings that i had sent to you , otherwise i will not get any credits, so please do it Thanks. Please don’t use too much big words, please only use some simple words, because i am an international student , professor knew that i am not a good writer, if you write this paper with all the big words, the professor will directly find out my work is did by some other people and then i will get an F, so please only use the simple words to do my paper and please don’t try to copy anything from the website, because the professor said, he will check each of us paper specifically and see whether we cheat or copy anything from the website or other people’s book or not, if he finds out each of the student will get an F as well, so please don’t do that. THanks


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