The only source you will need is the movie you will have to watch in order to write this paper.

The movie you will have to watch is: The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) (2007).

Here are the directions:

a. You should have a clearly articulated thesis, that is, some position that you take on the issue.

b. You should provide an argument or other evidence/analysis to support the thesis. Arguments may be inductive or deductive in character and the main premises of those arguments should be clearly identified (though they need not be numbered).

c. Arguments should cite specific evidence from the film, whether having to do with particular scenes, actions, characters, or other features, where relevant (e.g. narrative structure, physical ambience, music, color, and so on). If you are using a DVD player that provides a count, it is sometimes helpful to give the relevant numbers for where in the film this evidence appears.

d. Arguments should always be explicit and not merely comprised of rhetorical questions (for questions have no truth-value and thus cannot serve as statements in an argument). If you are tempted to write rhetorical questions and use these as arguments, then turn them into assertions.

11. When arguing it will often be necessary to refer to specific events that take place in the film. But you should avoid mere plot summaries, at all costs. Your instructor knows these films well and is in no need of a plot summary. And a plot summary does not, usually, an argument make. Essays that amount to nothing more than a plot summary will receive low grades.

12. A second very bad kind of essay is this: one that explores a general theme or subject and makes very little or no specific reference to the film itself. In such essays, as I like to put it, the film disappears. This is just as bad as writing a mere plot summary. Do not allow the film to disappear. Most especially, for films that tempt you to mount a personal soap box and give us your general views about some social issue
Here are the questions you must answer in the essay, you must answer them all:

4. Christa betrays Georg. Why? What’s the evidence? What does this do to our understanding of the nature of their relationship?
5. Albert Jerska commits suicide during the course of the film. Why? How can we tell that this is his reason?

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