Patriot Act



January 27, 2012




Re: Patriot Act


The following memo explains and discusses the Patriot’s Act, terrorism as a separate offence and the act’s violation of the human rights.

The explanation and Discussion of the Act

The USA Patriot Act is an acronym, which was reinstated in the year 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. The act loosened the restrictions enforced on the agencies of law enforcement. After the implementation of this act, agencies could search telephones and listen over conversations. They could also go through a person’s records whether financial, medical, or otherwise. They can also go through an individual’s emails, messages, and other personal details without the acquisition of a warrant. The act also gave the Secretary of the Treasury the power to control the financial transactions of a foreign entity or individual. Immigrants suspected of terrorism activity could be deported or held into custody by the law enforcement agencies.

Since domestic terrorism was also included as terrorism, this act can be applied in many activities. Three provisions were given a four-year expansion by President Barrack Obama in the year 2011. These provisions include the searching of business records, roving wiretaps and lone wolves surveillance. Lone wolves are individuals who are suspected of engaging in terrorist activities even though they have no link to any terrorist group (DOJ, 2011).

Terrorism as a Separate Offence

Although the act of terrorism was addressed in other previous acts, the destruction and the devastation associated with terrorism, not to mention it increase globally, qualifies its separation as a separate crime. Although the 9/11 attacks are the most memorable and destructive of all the terrorist attacks in the history of America, other attacks, not only in America but also globally, have caused great pain, destruction and devastation. There should be policies, rules, regulations and even laws (act) that prevent future attacks by terrorist.

The act and Human Rights

The debates, discussions and controversies relating to this act are numerous. Many scholars, activists, senators and other public representatives agree that this law argue about the act’s interference with the fourth amendment. However, it is important to understand that the interpretation of this law may have been taken overboard, as some senators state (Savage, 2011). The law enforcement agencies will not just go through records and listen to conversations for the sake of interfering with ones privacy, they are doing this for the sake of keeping the country safe. The lack of “interference” led to pain, death and destruction in the year 2001. Maybe, it is time we try “interfering” and see whether such an event will never take place again. Every thing comes with a price. There are critical actions that must be taken in order to keep the whole country safe. It is good to identify that these terrorists are sometimes citizens of the countries being terrorized. The agencies have no way of knowing the terrorists unless they take such extreme measures.


Yours Faithfully.





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