Organizing the Final Portfolio for English 101

Section 1: The letter will be addressed to members of the portfolio committee and will introduce the essays in the portfolio. The letter should be one and a half to two pages single-spaced and must be written in class. While writing the letter, you may use any work you have written in the class as well as notes and class resources. This letter is an opportunity for you to reflect upon your work from the semester and assess your own strengths and weaknesses in writing.\n\nThe the primary focus of this letter should be on your progress and achievements in English 101, and it should discuss how the two revised essays back up your claims about your progress. Your letter should refer directly to the essays in your portfolio by quoting and paraphrasing from them, and the letter should analyze your own work to build an argument about your successes and challenges in meeting the learning outcomes of English 101.\n\nSection 2 & Section 3: Two Revised Essays \n(One must be an argument paper that references at least 2-3 sources).\n\nThis the section includes two revised papers: one, an argument, which employs material from multiple (2 or more) sources, and a second that engages with reading in some way. Both should include all earlier notes and drafts, arranged in reverse chronological order, with the clean copy first, the last graded copy following, and so on.

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